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"When dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer, we felt as if the floor had falling out from under us. We knew what it meant from having lived through it before, when two of my aunts were diagnosed with Alzheimer. Worst, dad knew exactly what was going to happen to him. Our ray of sunshine, in this gloomy story, was the NOVA WI Roxboro Day Center. Ashley-Ann and all the volunteers made dad laugh, made him talk, brought out of him a lot that had started to be lost. Unfortunately, the pandemic hit and that’s when things went from bad to worst. The Day Center closed its doors but Ashley-Ann kept emailing us, making certain things were going as good as they could and she even sent us activities that we could do with dad. Finally, with the government sanctions opening up a bit, Ashley-Ann found us Sarah who came over once a week to spend time with dad. How he loves his Sarah. ‘She is beautiful. She makes me laugh. I LIKE her.’ Even though we must remind him of her name, he looks forward to seeing her and looks at the calendar every day anxiously waiting for the day with the asterix on it. Your life drastically changes when a loved one is diagnosed with Alzheimer but we are so thankful for NOVA WI for all that they have done and continue doing to make dad’s life a little better."

Mrs. H (Daughter of former Day Center Member)

March 2021

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