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“I want to thank Nova West Island nursing team, for their continual support with my husband undergoing treatment for multiple myeloma. The past six weeks have been a medical merry go round with his ongoing health concerns. Chemo therapy, Cardiac problems, blood pressure fluctuations, onset of cognitive decline, dental issues! Upon the nurse’s arrival at our home we were both feeling overwhelmed with doctors’ notes from several follow-ups, vials of all his medication displayed on the dining room table, blood pressure machine in our living room. She calmed us down, listened to our many concerns, addressed each issue separately, then took several notes and gently reassured us by restoring our hope and lifting our spirits, while sharing our tears! We are forever grateful for such professional care from all your nurses through telephone support and house visits. Thank you so much Nova ladies you are a treasure and blessing all in one.”

Mrs. & M. C (Patient and Spouse of Palliative Care)

February 2021

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