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Let The Auction Begin!

The moment you all have been waiting for!! NOVA West Islands Online Auction!

This fantastic initiative will begin today, Monday, March 20th, and will run through until Wednesday, March 29th.

By clicking on the platform link designated for the online auction you will view the various products and services that you can quickly bid on. You do not want to miss the incredible opportunity to win prizes with values that are up to thousands of dollars!

We are sincerely grateful for our supportive community's tremendous contribution and donations. Once again, your dedication and devotion towards NOVA is apparent. We received more than 90 donations and we have YOU to thank for that.

The generosity and care from our community are heartfelt. All the funds raised will be sewn back into the community to ensure continued healthcare programs and services to the families.

As you acquire an item that will be of great use to you, you directly impact a life. We are grateful for this gesture.

Click here to make an offer from the convenience of your home!

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