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An Incredible 30th Annual Golf Tournament

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

It was truly a memorable day it was on Monday, August 14th! We were in the midst of something special as we shared an incredible experience with the NOVA West Island community and our extended family. This year we are very grateful for the beautiful and perfect weather that we had.

Following the check-in, our attendees grabbed a bite to eat, located their carts in the marshaling area, and eagerly awaited instructions before the tournament's shotgun start. With cheers and well-wishes, we sent them off, then regrouped in the lounge area to continue orchestrating the day's events.

Several hours later, our enthusiastic golfers returned to the clubhouse, ready to unwind with a cocktail. Meanwhile, the NOVA staff managed raffle tickets and encouraged visitors to explore the silent auction section. With high spirits and great expectations, our attendees made their way into the beautifully adorned dining area.

As the evening progressed, Andrew Carter took the lead, sharing announcements and engaging presentations. Our guests hung on every word, soaking in the details of the day.

And then came the moment we were all eagerly awaiting – our Director, Marie-France Juneau, took the stage and held the room captive with her powerful and relevant presentation. She spoke about the profound significance of NOVA West Island and the impact within the community. Amidst applause and a standing ovation, we announced the winners of the silent auction, the golf tournament, and the West Jet raffle, culminating in a heartfelt thank you to all participants.

We can't emphasize it enough – a deep and sincere appreciation goes out to our remarkable sponsors for their monumental contributions. We would like to highlight our silver sponsor for the year being Vivier Pharma. Our gratitude extends to each and every golfer and attendee who dedicated their valuable time to support this remarkable cause; your commitment is truly commendable. We also extend our thanks to the Elected Officials who participated, contributing to the tournament's significance.

Our heartfelt thanks also extend to the NOVA West Island Volunteers, staff, and board members who worked tirelessly on-site to ensure the event's smooth execution. A special shoutout goes to our incredible golf committee for collaborating with us to create a truly wonderful event.

In collective synergy, we achieved something remarkable – approximately $136,891 was raised through the NOVA West Island Golf Tournament. This significant sum will empower us to further our mission of serving the NOVA West Island community.

Last but certainly not least, our immense gratitude goes to the Beaconsfield Golf Club for providing us the privilege of utilizing their breathtaking facilities for this inspiring endeavor. This is just the beginning, and we eagerly anticipate many more successes to come.

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