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A Powerful Initiative From The Man For All Seasons!

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

We are deeply moved by Brian Miller and the extraordinary individuals who fearlessly undertook the Open Water Swim Challenge in unwavering support of NOVA West Island. This remarkable endeavor encompassed a 5 KM swim across the stunning Laurentian lakes, standing as a testament to their bravery and determination. Their selfless actions not only brought attention to NOVA West Island but also yielded a remarkable total of $3,270.00, a contribution that will significantly amplify our services.

This immense wave of support fortifies NOVA's mission and paves the way for sustained accessibility to our vital services. Brian and his exceptional companions conceived this endeavor amidst the challenges of the COVID era, driven by their commitment to engage in diverse physical feats that would maintain their vitality. From a 50KM cross-country ski during the winter to a biking marathon in the Fall, culminating in this awe-inspiring open water swim challenge during the summer, their dedication shines as a beacon of inspiration.

The entire NOVA West Island community extends its heartfelt gratitude to Brian and his resolute comrades for conceiving and executing this extraordinary initiative. Your unwavering dedication continues to place NOVA at the forefront of your communal efforts, and for that, we offer our deepest thanks.

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