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DINNY EVERS, Winner of the Warren Wilfred Thomas Award! 💙💙

Updated: Jun 20

Dinny Evers has been a NOVA West Island volunteer for 39 years and is one of our most experienced and versatile volunteers!


In all those years, she has occupied many different functions namely: volunteer coordinator in our weekly foot care clinics (prior to the closure of the foot care program in 2017), where she developed a personalized approach with the senior clients including telephone calls to remind them of their appointments; palliative home visitor as she volunteered in our home support program where she provided companionship to our clients who were home bound in the last stages of their illness;  driver to take patients to cancer-related appointments including chemotherapy, radiation therapy as well as investigations and treatments. She also volunteers in our Thrift Shop for NOVA and has held many other different volunteering positions throughout the community. In addition, she facilitates her husband’s volunteering with NOVA as coordinator of all drivers and is always on hand to help out and answer questions.


She participated in our Accreditation Canada process as part of the volunteer target group and has trained and mentored many new volunteers. She participates in our volunteer recognition events and even attends fundraisers.


She has a constructive approach and is a natural leader as she rallies people and people gravitate towards her. Dinny has a pleasant and caring demeanor and always has a hug and a good word for everyone. Dinny is a kind and nurturing person. She is professional in her approach and rigorous in her work. She is discreet and understands the need for confidentiality. She has enriched the lives of many people by simply knowing her and she has inspired many.


She is punctual, reliable, multilingual, and dedicated to our NOVA clients & families, staff, other volunteers and the organization as a whole. She is a strong NOVA ambassador and has contributed to our success story for close to four decades.


I feel it would be a tribute to her to be publicly recognized outside our non-profit healthcare organization. Thank you for considering this nomination.  Please do not hesitate to contact me should you require any additional information.



Marie-France Juneau RN, BScN, MScN

Executive Director

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