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Throughout the year, the NOVA West Island's Carousel Bereavement Program offers a "Circle of Support" for children and youth who are in the midst of coping with difficulties in their lives, such as an on-going family illness or the death of a loved one.

Individual sessions in the home, at the school or at the NOVA office will focus on respectful listening, discussion, comforting, understanding and creative activities to foster the expression of emotions, thoughts and remembering.

The child or youth may apply to participate or may be referred by the family physician, school staff or a health professional. Parental/guardian permission is required if child is under 14.

Click here to see the Carousel Program’s detailed brochure

In addition, CAMP CAROUSEL, a weekend bereavement camp is offered twice a year, spring and fall at Cap St. Jacques. During this weekend, an experienced counsellor and qualified volunteers offer support and advice to help campers in the healing and growth process of their grief. Some of the activities offered are recreational sports, crafts, campfires, small grief groups, and a remembrance ceremony, including release of butterflies.

Our September Camp was canceled. We are currently exploring potential upcoming dates. Please stay tuned for updates.

Our Carousel Program is offered at no charge to all young people who are going through a period of adjustment in their bereavement journey, however a donation in memory of their loved would be greatly appreciated.

For more information or to register for the next camp,  please contact Cynthia Stephan Rayes at

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