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YOGA For NOVA Spring 2023

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended the Yoga For NOVA session on Saturday, May 27th. Your presence and energy made this event truly enriching and memorable.

We would like to thank our exceptional yoga instructor, Cynthia Maher, who guided the session with expertise and kindness. Your skills and passion for yoga allowed each participant to connect deeply and harmoniously with their body, mind, and breath. Your contribution was invaluable, and we are deeply grateful.

Furthermore, we want to express our appreciation to the entire NOVA community. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm for our events and initiatives are truly inspiring. It is because of all of you that we can continue to create meaningful experiences and promote well-being within our community. We appreciate your continuous support and engagement. Your presence at our events makes a significant difference, and we look forward to continuing to offer more opportunities for growth, connection, and well-being.

Thank you again to all participants, Cynthia Maher, and the NOVA community for making the Yoga session on May 27th a resounding success. We value your commitment and look forward to seeing you in the Fall season!

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