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Updated: Apr 24, 2022

Join the NOVA West Island community from Sunday, April 24th to celebrate our Volunteers' many efforts and hard work.

This week we are taking the time to acknowledge all of our 185 empathy-actioned heroes that have been on the front line as they are heavily involved in our impactful programs, services, and fundraising initiatives.

Your time, energy and great efforts do not only change the lives of the community of people that you are helping but transform your individual lives as well.

By pouring into the life of someone you are directly enhancing your psychological and physical wellbeing. In like manner, you are privileged to meet and connect with incredible people from the community.

As you impact the life of one person and contribute to their wellbeing, this, in turn, feeds into the society, and finally to the world. For this reason, NOVA West Island would like to dedicate the week of April 24th to appreciating our wonderful community members.

Also, note that the outstanding volunteer initiatives expand to the Thrift shops, LAA Virtual Art Show, Beaconsfield High School Charity Show, and Beaurepaire Village Garage Sale.

Click on the different links in question for details on the dates, locations, and registration options of our April and May events!

To all our NOVA volunteers, we would like to say THANK YOU.

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