NOVA West Island 29th Charity Golf Tournament - OUTSTANDING!

Updated: Aug 31


Monday, August 8th is truly a day to remember! We had an incredible time with the NOVA West Island community and family! Though it started as a cold and rainy day, we persisted and gradually began preparing for our grand event. We ignored the heavy rains and winds and continued making adjustments to accommodate our attendees. Finally, we started the check-in process, and what a surge of positive energy from the community. It was a site to see! Regardless of the weather conditions, every attendee showed great optimism and excitement at our check-in booth.

After the check-in process, our attendees grabbed a bite to eat, found their carts in the marshaling area, and then waited for the instructions before the shotgun start of the tournament. With great cheer and pride, we wished all of our attendees a great game as we then returned to the lounge area to continue preparing for the rest of the day.

About five hours later our golfers made their way to the clubhouse as they got ready for a cocktail whiles the NOVA staff sold raffle tickets and encouraged the attendees to visit the silent auction section. Our attendees gradually made their way into the breathtaking dining area with high spirits and tremendous expectations. As Andrew Carter lead the evening with announcements and presentations our guests attentively took in every piece of detail.

Finally, our Director, Marie-France Juneau captivated the room with her powerful and pertinent presentation as she spoke about what NOVA West Island represents to us and how we have been affected during the past few years. We then announced the silent auction winners, the golf tournament, and the West Jet raffle and concluded with a hearty thank you to all participants.

Though we have said it before, we would like to take the time to once again sincerely thank our amazing sponsors for their immense contributions. Thank you to all of our wonderful golfers and attendees that took the time from their busy schedules to support an amazing cause, we are extremely grateful. Thank you to all Elected Officials that were present to take part in the tournament. We are appreciative of the NOVA West Island Volunteers, staff, and board members that were on site as well to facilitate this event. A great thank you to our amazing golf committee for working with us to accomplish a wonderful event. Altogether, we raised approximately $132,250 from the NOVA West Island Golf Tournament, which will be used to further support our efforts as we continue serving our NOVA West Island community.

Finally, a BIG thank you to the Beaconsfield Golf Club for the privilege of using your stunning facilities to accomplish this inspiring initiative. We look forward to many more to come!






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