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Be part of an Amazing Group of Caring and Loving Individuals

Take part in a life-changing journey with inspiring human beings that will give you the opportunity and privilege to further enhance your caregiving abilities. NOVA’s astounding programs and services aim to build and support the different West Island communities. Our desire is accomplished by bringing on empowering community leaders such as yourself to the team as we harness the support and interactivity with our wonderful patients.

What NOVA is Looking For

As NOVA seeks talented workers that will provide personal care, companionship, stimulation, and assistance to our wonderful clients and their families, we are also searching for specific credentials and expertise.

Though extremely rewarding, caregiving can sometimes be demanding. Knowing that every day, every minute and every second brings an opportunity to enhance someone's life is an irresistibly fulfilling and exhilarating feeling. In like manner, the happiness, security, and wellbeing of patients at all times may sometimes bring challenges to your day. However, being empathetic, patient, and thinking outside of the box are all profoundly important values that will help you with your interactions. Moreover, as an in-home activity worker or health aide, communication skills are crucial. Being able to express your thoughts, patiently, concisely, and even creatively for your message to be brought across is paramount to relationship building. Likewise, being observant, having good judgment, maintaining a genuinely positive outlook, and demonstrating problem-solving abilities will ensure transparency and initiate bonding between yourself and our remarkable patients.

More specifically, the positions that NOVA West Island is looking to fill are that of In-Home Activity Health Workers and Home Health Aides.

I want to Apply to NOVA West Island!

You are making a transformative decision, and we cannot wait to have you on board!

Kindly find the application links to the In-Home Activity Worker and the Home Health Aide positions. We look forward to reviewing your candidacy.

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