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We are starting the year with a grand commemoration of Canada’s Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, whiles also officially changing the name of one of our important programs. NOVA West Island is changing the name of our Adult Day Center (ADC) Program to the Senior Activity Program (SAP) to better reflect our services.

Our unique Senior Activity Program now has three components that can be offered to our members and caregivers. The virtual sessions are proposed “à la carte” contingent on our members’ availability and interests, the in-home stimulation visits depending on our members' needs and capabilities, as well as our Activity Centers in physical presence based on our inclusion criteria.

These programs are designed for seniors (60+) with neurocognitive impairments, such as Alzheimer's and dementia, who are living at home with their caregivers. Our objective for these programs is to offer a safe, friendly, and stimulating environment while providing well-deserved respite for families and caregivers. Our activities promote socialization, the individual’s capabilities, freedom to choose, and independence.

The many activities we design through our Senior Activity Program specifically focus on reminiscing, participating in physical activity, cognitive stimulation, utilizing fine and gross motor skills, and engaging in activities that adhere to one's mind and body. Activities range from baking, cooking, art, discussion, pet therapy, armchair travel, sensory stimulation, and music, to promote socialization and provide a wide range of activities for the whole group to enjoy.

In conclusion, the need for our programs is evident as we currently have 75 members in total enrolled in our Senior Activity Programs: 19 in the In-Home Program, 22 in the Activity Centers, and all 75 that participate in at least one aspect of the Virtual Program.

We trust that these programming changes will propel NOVA West Island into the future as we continually seek to better serve our community.

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