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After 4 years we were finally able to honor and recognize our wonderful Volunteers as we have always wanted to! We had such a beautiful time this past Monday, April 17th at the Briarwood Presbyterian Church!

Regardless of the weather, about 20 minutes before the start time, we already had our heroes standing in line to enter the building. After the check-in process, they then chose a wonderful gift that was donated to them graciously by OMWellness.

As they all grabbed their food and mingled with the rest of the community they were further treated by the incredible performance of the talented Matt Mardini. We then took pictures as we recognized the NOVA community through the staff, the volunteers, the caregivers, our board members, and the wonderful NOVA Thrift Shop! We also acknowledged the volunteers that have been dedicating their time for five to thirty years. We had a fabulous time and the atmosphere was very warm and rich!

From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to sincerely thank every single person that has made a difference within our community. You are very much cherished and we could not have made it without you! Thank you to everyone that contributed towards the realization of this wonderful day! Once again, we wish ALL of the NOVA Volunteers a Happy International Volunteer Week! May all of your devotion and support return to you in multiple folds!

See below for our pictures (click the black arrow to go to the next picture)!

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