Nova West Island offers specialized nursing care (24/7 on-call service) and support to individuals living with cancer or ALS - amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig's Disease). Our mission in palliative care is to enable people to stay at home with their loved ones as long as desired.

Professional staff and dedicated volunteers work closely with clients, caregivers and community healthcare agencies to provide comprehensive, compassionate and quality care.

Home nursing visits, arranged in collaboration with clients and/or family members allow for assessments, teaching, symptom management, nursing care and active listening.

Family or client can telephone for assistance or have a referral sent from the CLSC, hospital or doctor.

The Nutrition Division of Abbott Laboratories Co, supports NOVA's project of educating patients and their families on the importance of nutrition as well as supporting nurses during patient home visits (bio-psycho-social healthcare assessments, clinical evaluations, teaching, symptom management and active listening). As a nutritional resource and partner, visit to view their support program and educational tools to live a healthier and fuller life.


NOVA West Island

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